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Megan Pleva

Where we come from

Rosalind Creative was founded by a desire to live a more exciting and environmentally friendly way of life. During the pandemic, our Founder, Megan, moved to the French Alps to live amongst a community of people who are thriving, outside of the general 9-5 grind. This new way of living, inspired her to take her corporate experience in project management, academic background in cyber security and combine it with her passion for art to start a creative business that helps other small businesses find their way and gives digital freelancers a home. This gives our clients access to a deeper and broader network of digital natives with the right attitude and values.

Our DNA.


We’re a streamlined creative consultancy consisting of hand-picked, quality freelancers that personify contagious energy (and not in an annoying way – promise). We’re not an agency, meaning we have quick project turnaround and avoid high fees. We put human psychology at the core to ensure we connect at every stage of the customer journey.


We bring fresh, entrepreneurial spirit to the table with our eclectic multi-cultural team of artists, cyber security experts, marketeers and production managers – to name a few. We personify professionalism – but we’re also friends. We have a deep respect for each other and the clients we work with and we believe that the key to a strong working relationship is transparency, integrity, energy and fun.


We're a team of professionals based in the French Alps. Inspired by living amongst nature so closely, we want to help businesses develop their ideas in a sustainable way. We reduce our carbon footprint by investing in environmentally conscious businesses and encouraging our clients to adopt sustainable digital design approaches.

Our passion.

Helping small businesses reach their potential.
Investing our time in sustainable companies.
Designing and writing with creative flair.

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