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Erica Bonnet-Laverge
Erica Bonnet-Laverge



February 2022



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Erica is an ecologically minded individual, who keeps sustainability at the forefront of all her business endeavors. She came to RC to create and launch her new business.



Erica had two incredibly different concepts she wanted to marry together under one brand. One half of her business involves organising mountain leader and mule trips in the mountains in France. The other half is business orientated, consulting for collective intelligence. Erica's vision saw the two link together in multiple ways - the challenge was to visually make that happen.



We decided on earthy tones for the branding. We kept mountains at the heart of her logo, with a subtle nod to the business world in the sky. Her website separates the two elements of the brand subtly using lines, yet describes the connection directly at different points.


ROI + value

Since launch, Erica has had a hugely positive response from her existing customers on her mule trips. They remarked on how professional and fun the new website was in comparison to the old page. For Erica, it's about having a streamlined brand that encapsulates all of her businesses efficiently and logically - which is exactly what she got.

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