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Hi, I’m Megan, founder of Rosalind Creative

I’d like to welcome you to my little world of creativity, based out of Meribel in the heart of Three Valleys.

Before we get going into the exciting world of creative services, I wanted to give you an insight into who I am, why I started this company and what you can expect when you work with us…

Let’s start at the beginning. After years in corporate full-time work and creative ‘on the side’ painting and content hustles, I finally took the plunge and followed my dream of working for myself and founded my creative consultancy Rosalind Creative in 2020 – smack bam in the midst of the pandemic. The global crisis actually acted as a trigger for me to finally act on a side hustle that before being forced to work entirely digitally – seemed like a pipe dream to do full time.

Yet, I wanted more than to work for myself. After being cooped up for so long in one place during the pandemic, I needed to have a total upheaval. So in search of a more ‘free’, exciting and environmentally friendly life (I’m sure many can relate to the first part after being inside for months!), I uprooted my entire life, quit my full-time job and moved to the French Alps. Why the French Alps, I hear you asking? Well, I’ve been brought up skiing and Meribel is my happy place. I had a burning desire to get out of heavily populated areas and so I jumped in my car and crossed borders.

So with the creative freedom to take on projects I really cared about – not to mention time to enjoy the beautiful new place I’m now living in, Rosalind Creative was born.

Also coincidentally during the pandemic (or not so coincidentally when you register my shift) I noticed (mainly at first amongst my close peers) a monumental shift in mindset towards being independent and free at work. I saw a huge number of friends and family taking the plunge on unique business ideas and actually doing it. I started to focus my energy away from corporate content and branding and towards helping these small businesses mobilise and get going. I always knew I was passionate about helping small sustainable companies believe and achieve, but to actually now have the time and the space to help them practically was a game changer.

Living in Meribel exposes me on a daily basis to small and medium sized businesses who require a range of interventions, from singular content services, all the way to a total brand, content and design conception and delivery. Being based in a seasonal holiday destination with large footfall during the season - marketing, content and branding seemed less of a priority. Well boy is that changing now.

Companies want to invest in sustainable pledges, they need help getting their voice heard and there are so many incredible business ventures popping up all over the place that I want to help succeed.

I didn’t want to create an agency; I want to give a personal service and work with brands and freelancers that I fully trust in a truly transparent way. We operate on mutual respect, and we’re fuelled by a passion for all things creative. Rosalind Creative gives quality, digital freelancers a home and it gives our clients vetted, high-end team members dedicated to their success.

If you’ve got this far – congratulations! We’ll be releasing more blogs in the coming months focused on the thing I’ve just been rabbiting on about – small business mojo, all things art and creativity, how to harness your brand energy into tangible outcomes and more creativity.

Speak soon,



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